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How To Make More Money With Valuable Bundles 💸

November 22, 20236 min read

“There are really only two ways to grow: get more customers, and increase each customer’s value.” — Alex Hormozi, $100M+ Offers

The #1 problem that most businesses struggle with isn’t marketing or sales – it’s their offer.

So, what’s an offer?

Your offer is the unique combination of products, services, and / or experiences that you provide in exchange for other people’s money.

For example, if you are a music teacher selling saxophone lessons for $50 / hour, your offer is hourly saxophone lessons.

If you decided you wanted to make more money from your music teaching business, you might at first think:

  • “I need to start a newsletter.”

  • “I need to start posting on social media.”

  • “I need to start running paid ads.”

All of that stuff is true, and will certainly help, but there’s a better way….

Make the offer more valuable, and then sell it at a higher price.

For example, what’s more enticing:

Saxophone lessons for $50 / hour?


A “6-months to the Stage: Saxophone Training Program” that comes with:

  • Weekly 1-1 lessons that follow a curriculum built to mold students from total beginners into confident stage performers

  • 2 group lessons per month

  • 2 masterclasses per month about music theory, music performance, the music industry, and how to turn a music hobby into a stream of income

  • On-demand video tutorials

  • An exclusive digital community of growing musicians

  • 1-2 books of sheet music to practice with at home

  • A book on music theory

  • A book about the music industry

  • A saxophone care handbook

  • A downloadable bank of backing tracks to practice to

  • A metronome

  • A digital tuner

  • A guaranteed slot in a recital at the conclusion of the program where your students will get a chance to perform for a real audience

  • A standing invitation to monthly open jams where students can sit in and practice their improvisation

That six-month program sounds a lot more valuable than, “Sax Lessons, $50 / hour,” doesn’t it?

If you put these two teachers side by side, who do you think would generate more interest in their offer – and make more money?

Yeah, the 6-month program guy – without a doubt.

That’s the power of bundling.

Learn To Leverage Bundles

By combining multiple products, services, and experiences into a single purchase, you can create a bundle that is much more valuable than selling single products.

Oh yeah, and you’ll make more money, since people are buying more things from you in a single purchase, and they’re paying for it up front.

Now, let’s break it down in the context of the saxophone program versus hourly saxophone lessons. 👇

If a student showed up every week for a 1-hour lesson, for six months straight, you could expect to make around $1200 in that six-month period – but only if the student was consistent.

Monthly cashflow per student = $200. Not bad.

However, if the student didn’t have to pay you until after the lesson, then it’s likely that they wouldn’t show up every single week.

They’d just show up whenever they felt like it, which might end up looking like once or twice a month, whenever they had the cash to spare.

That cuts your realized income from that student down to something more like $600 to $800 in that six-month period – if they even decide to work with you in the first place.

Monthly cashflow per student = $100 — $120. Not awesome.

Now, imagine that instead, you pitched them your six-month, all-inclusive program.

You tell them this:

“There are a few ways you can work with me. I offer hourly one-on-one lessons at $50 / hour.

But I also have this program that includes gear, a ton of free resources, group trainings, an online peer community, and performances for a live audience. 

It’s a bigger commitment, but at the end, you’re guaranteed to have the skills and confidence to perform saxophone live, and even make money from it, for the rest of your life.

It normally costs $500 / month, but if you commit to the full six months, you can get it for a single payment of $1947 or monthly payments of $379.”

From the perspective of the student, which seems more valuable?

  1. The weekly lessons at $50 / hour with no guarantees or bonuses?

  2. The awesome, all-inclusive program that guarantees they’ll become an awesome saxophone player?

The six-month program for sure.

And which service tier is more likely to turn the student into an awesome saxophone player? 

Yeah, the program.

And which service tier is going to generate more cash flow for the business, both in the short term and over a longer period of time?

Yep. Also, the program.

So that means, by simply creating a better offer, you’ll likely get more customers, at a higher price, keep them for a longer time.

Monthly cashflow per student = $324.50 up to $379. Awesome.

Plus, each student who “graduates” the program can serve as a case study – proof that the program works and is well worth the cost.

Then, you can either upsell the student into an even more advanced program or downsell them into a monthly $150 retainer with one-on-one advanced lessons every two weeks.

Best part?

It would only take 30 students for this program to generate $58,410+ in a six-month period.

In a year, that would add up to $116,820+ while serving only 30 students at a time.

It’s possible to get 30 students into a program like this exclusively based on word of mouth and in-person conversations.

  • No website

  • No ads

  • No social media followers

  • No email list

Of course, any marketing dollars you did spend would serve as multipliers on the $1947 program (instead of generating single sales of $50 lessons).

To make the same $116,820 from single lessons, you’d need to serve 49 students every week for a whole year, and they would absolutely have to show up every single week, or you’d lose $50 per missed lesson.

Make sense?

Before you do anything else, you should work to craft the most valuable offer you possibly can.

Your offer is the #1 driver of your business success.

Recap For Memory

Offer over everything.

Many entrepreneurs think that they key to business growth is better marketing, but that’s simply not the case.

Marketing is a multiplier.

It’s a way to generate buzz around a particular offer.

That means, the better the offer, the more effective the marketing is going to be.

So if you want to generate more revenue for your small business, then start by refining your offer.

  • Assemble the most valuable stack of products, services, and experiences that you can

  • Combine them into a package

  • Anchor it at a high price

  • Then, offer a steep discount to people who pay in full up front

That’s it for this post. I’ll expand further on offer creation in a few weeks.

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